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giovedì 28 gennaio 2010


PLATI'S THOUGHTS I have some questions that I do to myself and to you : -why there are some fashion firms that are searching designers and the job advertisement (always the same of course) you will see during 4-5 months? A month is not enough to evaluate about 200 (-/+) candidates designers? 200 designers = 400/600 drawings 400/600 drawings x 4-5 months = 1600-3000 drawings............ -why, always some fashion firms, after your personal collection for them (just do it to prove if there is a feeling, an understood between you and the firm...)they asked to do it with this detail, here to put other detail, this logo here......is it just a prove or a real technical drawings to send to production department? -why there are some fashion firms that after your free personal work, after your willing, your availability and kindness...they "forget" to give you, (also x email) an answer, opinion or whatever....or just a THANK YOU....?????!!!!!!???!!!! ..........

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