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martedì 5 ottobre 2010


My dear friends, we are back!!! We're really sorry for our disappear!! So many things are happened, so many place we've seen, so many things we've done... We've been also for a quiet long time in Paris, of course beautiful city but this time we've seen it in another view...of course that for vacation it will be always something else........... anyway I would spend "5 minutes" (and no more!!!) for 2 horrible beings that we've met for our misfortune in our way..."miss Malèfique" a poor girl that she spend her time doing and giving problems to other people, she's terrible envious (of course!)she's speaking bad all the time about all, when she would need to spend more to see herself and see her terrible work, no chance, she doesn't understand anything about fashion, colours, fabrics...and also about life! Mr "5 minutes" that I would change with "2 minutes" because it was for much 2 minutes..this spanish guy says : I am the "person" that in 5 minutes I check a person, if he/she is right or no, if she/he is healthy or no, that if she/he is "nice" I would give...bon, he's a being so supeficial and naif better don't add nothing more..I'm sorry...but I need to tell him : what about your artificial colour, or your 1 meter and 50 cm? bon... dear friends, from tomorrow we will re-start with FASHION, & other arts, while that are already presented fashion shows in London, New York, Milan and Paris.... big kiss

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Anonimo ha detto...

the parents have called that girl with a wrong name, that more wrong name they couldn't!! She calls not Angélique but Diabolique!!!
She's a bad girl, evil and liar!!bleahhhhh

kiss from Paris