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mercoledì 9 febbraio 2011


Hallo friends!
Today the feeling is explosive!!! As this fabulous style of Y-3!!!
Since a couple of days I feel so strange...
the night I don't sleep well..I'm nervous, anxious, I'm warm..than cold!
In the few hours of sleep I do so strange dreams!!!
This night for example I've had the sensation that somebody was in
the room and than that has skimed my arm!!!!
So, I do know but, I have like so many things inside me..that soon
...very soon they will coming out as an explosion!
Be carefull...VOLCANO JO...is to erupting!!!!

P.s.And more today I miss so much my grandparents Palmina & especially my lovely Giovanni.....
     my only family...
     Wherever you are : I WILL LOVE YOU FOR EVER!!!!

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