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giovedì 15 settembre 2011



New platform of graphic expression, Fashion Week Illustrated is a joyful mix of illustrations and fashion’s inspirations, creations and styles, colors and characters.
For this fourth edition, the team Fashion Week Illustrated has focused on talent, and originality. 
Session after session, it wishes to offer a unique and eclectic art.

Only a few days before the official opening illustrated parade of the web, the team and new participants are busy to complete the event.
For the most impatient of you, it is already possible to glimpse the teaser for the 4th Edition   
The video is online and gives a preview of the web backstage pass ... As if you were there!
Enjoy the show!
From September 27 to October 5, 2011, two illustrators will be exhibited every day on the blog www.fashionweekillustree.fr. Meet at 7am and at 1pm to better discover them.
For this fourth edition, I am pleased to officially announce that I will be published:  
with 18 other illustrators, all more talented than the other!
Official partner: www.elleadore.com

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Amylee ha detto...

Yeaaaah, i like it !!!!!

Jofolies ha detto...

waiting for the this great event!