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giovedì 31 maggio 2012

FASHION TREND NR.138 - s/s 2012

Hello friends!
Today PLATI wears Dries Van Noten!!!!
Simplicity chic!

Fashion kisses

domenica 27 maggio 2012

FASHION TREND NR.137 - s/s 2012!

Hello dear friends!
Today Plati wears Atuzarra!!!!
W the amazonian-jungle mood!!!
But please..stop with the leeches for Jo! :))))
Today we have to “dedicate" to the 2 monsters,
that one is “portaborse lecchinaus” and the other one
 is “Sil. Panteganas” :
-Chi ha seminato vento..raccogliera’ tempesta...vedrete!
-La crudelta’ è la forza dei vili..cioé voi
-Le parole false non solo sono cattive per conto loro,
ma infettano anche l’anima con il male...

A nice sunday!

Fashion kisses

martedì 22 maggio 2012

JO, PLATI & the LEECHES 2....

Wine party....the leeches are so exciting to be part of this "wine tasting”...
of course they are exciting...they will drink a 
Jo Negramaro Primitivo di Puglia!!!!
and Plati...grrr...she is thinking just on money...grrr

Fashion kisses

martedì 15 maggio 2012

FASHION TREND NR. 136 - s/s 2012

Hello!This sunny morning Plati wears Chloé!!!
Fresh, elegant and chic collection! A Paris-touch as we love!
Soon we will meet the Leeches!!!Heeeeelppppp!
We will survive?

Fashion kisses

sabato 12 maggio 2012

JO, PLATI & the LEECHES.......

Yesterday our doc told to Jo that she has to treat her knee
with a Leeches treatment.........and than Jo has nearly a heart attack!
Than the last night Jo has got a nightmare more or less as you see 
on the drawing ............
what a fright!!!!!!aiaiiaiaiiaiiiiiiiiii
 will she win her fear?..mah
maybe with the help of Mr ♡.......

We wish you a nice weekend!

Fashion kisses

giovedì 10 maggio 2012

FASHION TREND NR.135 - s/s 2012

Hello friends!
Finally sun is shining again..+ or - ....
hopefully will shine also Plati :D
Plati today wears Marc Jacobs!
How much we love this artist..?!
Too much!

Fashion kisses

giovedì 3 maggio 2012

FASHION TREND NR.134 - s/s 2012

PLATI today wears BALMAIN!!!
We love the whole collection!
We’re working on new “surprises”..so..
Stay tuned!!!!

Fashion kisses