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lunedì 13 agosto 2012


We are back..finally..
We would like just cancel this summer...
we didn’t have summer...
destiny sometimes plays nasty tricks...
and there are unfortunately so bad people,
some that play with the life of persons, they asking you
seriousness, punctuality and other many things..
But they???What do they?
Other that to gain 4 money they give you poison!
It’s not fair that somebody has to risk her/his life 
because these “beasts” give  you food poisoned!!!
But hopefully, they will pay for what they do...
now or later..they will pay!

This Plati’s dive symbolize the hope,
the hope to dive in a wonderful blue ocean,
clean, clear and energic water,
and re-start with a positive energy!

And finally a short message to 
we dedicate to you this nice song:

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