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domenica 30 dicembre 2012

WHAT a MISTAKE......!!!!

We are back... :((( we already miss Madrid & friends!!
We will be more present with the new year, this one was too terrible, just to cancel!
AAAA...we are really happy that this "%✟ƇĒՓ㈣ɠ♈♆"  year is nearly at the end!!!!
We’ve had really enough!!!We need changes in all meanings!

We couldn’t not show you, in our way, something that maybe, it happened to you
almost a time...meet someone, a bad&false being, waste time with him/her/its
and to be also lead on....
we made a BIGGG mistake with someone..Mr.0 (Carlino) alias K.B.
and to remind such stupid “achievements”..we just have a vomit sensation!
A big waste of time and energy.
In this world, unfortunately, there are too much stupid and futile beings,
to whom we pay tooo much attention!
“It”!! is not enough for us!! Who are you??
Just do not care to such unpleasants beings!

Fashion kisses

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