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mercoledì 20 marzo 2013


We are working to 3 personal projects..so we still do not have time enough
to post new things....
anyway...we dedicate to us this fabulous song of the lovely Marco Mengoni!
The words really fit on the situation...
It is the right for this pesky hard knocks...grrr..but we will fight against
the hurdles, lies and the few evils......and we will WINNNNN!!!
That’s for sure!

And the text is :
Con te ero immobile 
oggi ti vedrò di colpo sparire 
tra la folla te ne andrai 
mi sono rotto delle scuse 
e sono stanco dei tuoi guai 
hai detto che non vuoi più 
camminare accanto a me, accanto a me 
ora questa casa mi sembra più grande 
illumino ogni angolo 
dipingo la noia, rivesto la stanza 
di quel che d'ora in poi sarò 
non mi fermerai né adesso, né mai 
perché per troppe volte ho scelto te 
non sono immobile 
grazie per avermi fatto male, non lo dimenticherò 
grazie io riparto 
solo controvento ricomincerò 
giro nel centro e faccio la spesa 
non mi sento fragile 
cento grammi di sole 
non serve l'amore 
se poi diventa cenere 
non mi prenderai 
né adesso, né mai 
perché per troppo tempo 
ho scelto te 
dimenticando me 
grazie per avermi fatto male 
non lo dimenticherò 
grazie io riparto 
solo controvento ricomincerò 
sarò pronto a correre per me 
e tu ferma immobile 
grazie per avermi fatto male 
non lo dimenticherò 
sento nelle vene vita che si muove ricomincerò 
sarò pronto a correre per me

lunedì 18 marzo 2013


We’re starting the week finally with energy and more pragmatism...
but a bit of confusion....the last week has left us a bit of confusion...
Sometimes the life is really strange....you can cease from an emotion
to another so fast or one opposite to the other...
Before transparency, than underestimate and now it seems to be like
honey that draws close bees.... :S

From hush to trouble!
Be in the center, have the attention of the most of the people...
this is normal for PLATI! But not for Jo! :)
Anyway, really a surprise...old friends with still a special interest on you..
new friends with a special interest...brother’s friends with a mix of the
“special interest”+ a protective sense,
and nearly they argue with each other...strangers that they gaze upon..
and finally the "old-guy(76 years old)"..a family friend, that is crazy in love...
really to get embarrassed!!
:OOO  and the rest is better to spare you...

And this without a special look, or dress, or make up......so simple and this
achievement?! Really astonishing! Wuauuuu....
But after we remind that only recently someone..Mr.zero-KB....
time-wasting...to listen  a such stupid.... humiliating things..
...and said from someone that outside & inside is ugly & cold....
well...what we should one more time add...

Really strange the life sometimes.....
Have a good start!

Fashion kisses

venerdì 15 marzo 2013


Here we are!!
Today PLATI feels like Frida Kahlo!
We love this great woman, artist, guru!
This is a preview of the next special limited collection
that we will exhibit by Young Designers Market Luzern!

Stay tuned!
And have a nice friday evening!

Fashion kisses

domenica 10 marzo 2013


Here a box...a special box!
Inside some pieces of JOFOLIES BIJOUX!

You can find and buy on Jofolies Shops :

Have a nice sunday!!!

venerdì 8 marzo 2013

FASHION TREND NR.156 - s/s 2013

PLATI & JO wear Louis Vuitton!!!
We want that every single day you give respect
to the women..not just and only today....

Respect in all sense, really, because there are also some “men”
as Mr.Zero-Carlino-KB, for whom the women are all these kind of “tussy”
as he likes, to use when&how he wants.. as his neighbour...
or to cheat them unashamedly...bleah!!

Fashion Kisses

giovedì 7 marzo 2013

FASHION TREND NR.155 - a/w 2013-2014

Today PLATI wears Meadham Kirchhoff!!!
A dress from the new collection a/w 2013-2014!
So romantic-chic!
I am quite sure that Plati with this dress will find soon out the door
the row of lovers.... :DDD
But only with high requirements!
We do not accept idiots of the level as “Mr.Zero-Carlino”...

Fashion kisses

mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

FASHION TREND NR.154 - s/s 2013

PLATI wears Balmain!!! Fabulous! A fantastic "toreadora"!
Yaaaa.. Plati was sick for all this time...an horrible flu!
So hopefully we both will have now an amazing upswing!
Without illness, incidents, complete mess, the various Mr.Zero(various idiots...)

We want only enjoy the spring that is coming...surprises, art, fashion, food....
Have a nice day!

Fashion kisses